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Rendering makes a difference!

We've recently completed several rendering jobs and our customers are always impressed with the results, you can see why from some of the before and after photos below.

The jobs are always scheduled for at least 2 days, day one we prep the job. First, we protect any adjoining surfaces with tape over window frames and plastic sheeting covering bigger areas. We then remove any old render, add beading to ensure the edges and corners are sharp, then level any uneven surfaces. The adhesive and levelling compound are then left to dry.

Day two we return to carry out the rendering. We apply the render to the required thickness and leave it to start to set, after a few hours we can 'scratch' the render to give it a textured surface.

We've completed a variety of jobs recently, shop fronts, garages, walls and extensions and

although there are 48 colours to choose from, customers seem to prefer 'Mouse Grey' or 'Bright White' but if you want something that looks a bit different there's plenty of choice!

Whether we're working inside or out, we always try to make as little mess as possible, protecting your property and cleaning up before we leave.

If you live near Middlesbrough and would like a quote for rendering please get in touch.

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