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Replacing a Ceiling

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

A customer of mine has a 1930's house and the ceiling in the kitchen needed replacing and some insulation adding to keep it a bit warmer!

It's a messy job stripping a lath ceiling, but as always we covered every surface to keep the mess for our customer to a minimum.

Once it was stripped we put on the protective suits and put insulating material between all of the joists.

We packed the gaps with non-combustible wool with an excellent thermal performance, so the kitchen should be much warmer and it's safe to use above a fire hazard (that's not saying anything about their cooking ability, but better safe than sorry!).

Next job was to board it over and get it prepared for plastering.

The roof starts off flat but then slopes down for about 1.5 metres, so the join, where the slope meets the flat, needs good preparation, to give a good finish and avoid cracking.

So after skimming the ceiling and flattening it to a smooth finish, we left it looking as clean as when we started.

And here it is a week or two later having had a coat of paint.

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