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When a customer needs an emergency repair!

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

What happens when you have a burst in your loft?

This customer needed a ceiling repair in a bedroom due to the boiler in the loft bursting. The photos don’t do it any justice to how bad the condition of the ceiling was, the existing ceiling dropped 4’’ off the joists and wasn’t far from breaking point!

Luckily, after juggling a few jobs around in the diary we managed to push this job

forward for him to prevent it falling and

possibly causing serious damage.

Once we'd removed the doors from the wardrobes and hung dust sheets to protect them, we set about removing the damaged ceiling, one piece at a time.

We removed the damaged ceiling and insulation, had been removed, then trimmed the edges, we replaced the insulation, ready for the new plaster boards.

With the new plaster boards fitted, we started preparing them to be skimmed, making sure that the joints between the sheets were taped.

We then applied the first coat to the new boards, to make sure that when the whole ceiling was skimmed, the new ceiling boards would not be noticeable.

This is the finished ceiling, all of it reskimmed and no sign of the join between the old and new ceiling.

If you need an emergency repair to a ceiling or some other plastering work to be carried out, please contact

The final job!

Everyone knows that plastering is a dirty job, but before we leave we make sure to clean up after ourselves.

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